MAY 2014


The name of this organization shall be Incline Village-Crystal Bay Republican Women, herein after referred to as the club. The club is affiliated with the Nevada Federation of Republican Women (NvFRW) and the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW).


Section 1. The objectives of this club shall be to:

A.     Promote an informed public through political education and activity;
B.     Increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government through political participation;
C.     Support the objectives and policies of the Nevada Federation of Republican Women and the National Federation of Women;
D.    Work for the election of Republican nominees;
E.     Be loyal to the Republican Party and to promote its principles; and
F.     To encourage and support Republican women to run for elective office.


Section 1. Any registered Republican woman shall be eligible for full membership in the club upon payment of the annual dues. Only full members shall be counted in establishing delegate representation and in per capita reports. An individual may join only one (1) unit club as a full member but may join any number of clubs as an associate member.

Section 2. Removal of a unit club from the NFRW membership.

A local club in a federated state at the request of the state executive committee or unfederated state may be removed from the membership by a two-thirds vote of the NFRW Executive Committee for any of the following reasons:

A.        Bylaws that are in material conflict with the NFRW bylaws;
B.        Non-payment of dues for the total membership and the current service charge;
C.        Failure to support the Republican party ticket, advocating a split ticket, supporting a candidate on an opposition ticket or actions that are in conflict with the NFRW Bylaws;
D.       Failure to comply with the NFRW membership rules; or
E.        Affiliation with any political organization not officially recognized as working in concert with the NFRW and the Republican Committee.

Section 3. Removal of a unit club from membership in the NvFRW

A.        Clubs may be removed from membership for the following reasons:

1.        Bylaws that are in conflict with NvFRW and/or NFRW Bylaws;
2.        Nonpayment of dues for the full membership and current service charge;
3.        Failure to maintain a minimum of ten (10) members and/or hold at least five (5) meetings per fiscal year;
4.        Failure to support the GOP ticket, advocating a split party ticket, or supporting one Republican candidate to the exclusion of other candidates in a   primary election;
5.        For providing a forum for any non-Republican of high profile;
6.        Working in opposition to the objectives of the NvFRW; or
7.        Affiliation with any political organization not officially recognized as part of the NvFRW and the Republican National Committee. (This does not apply to individual members.)

Section 4. Any registered Republican man or woman may be eligible for associate membership upon payment of the required annual dues. Such members may attend meetings but cannot:

A.        Make a motion;
B.        Have a voice vote;
C.        Chair a standing committee; or
D.       Hold office or be elected as a delegate.

Section 5. Individual Member – Removal from Membership (amendment approved November 11, 2010). Any member or associate member may be removed from membership for using the Incline Village-Crystal Bay Republican Women’s membership roster for promotional, marketing, commercial, or business purposes. The membership roster is to be used exclusively by members and associates, and shall be restricted for club business only and shall not be made available to non-members. Providing the membership roster to non-members and/or the use of the membership roster to non-members by any member or associate member of the Club will be considered abuse of the roster and may result in removal from the Club.

Section 6. Honorary membership may be granted to an individual by the Board of Directors on an annual basis.

Section 7. Nevada First Lady Membership

When the first lady of Nevada is a Republican, she will automatically be a member of all unit clubs with the same privileges as an associate member. She may choose one unit club in which to be a member in order to have a vote. The NvFRW shall pay the dues for her full membership.


Section 1. Officers. The elective officers of this club shall be a President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer.

Section 2. Eligibility. To be eligible as an officer, a candidate must be a full member in good standing.

Section 3. Election. Officers shall be elected at the November meeting each year for a term of one (1) year. No officer shall serve in the same position for more than two (2) consecutive terms. Officers shall be installed at the December meeting and their term will begin January 1.

Section 4. Vacancy

A.        An officer who has served for seven (7) months shall be considered to have served a full term in that office;
B.        A vacancy in the office of Presidency shall be filled by the first Vice President. All other vacancies in the elective offices shall be filled by election at the next meeting following the vacancy; and
C.        Temporary vacancies, due to leave of absence, shall be filled by appointment by the President.

Section 5. Duties of the officers and special presidential appointees.

A.        Duties of the President

1.        Set the agenda for all meetings of the organization, the Board of Directors, and the Executive Committee.
2.        Preside at all meetings of the organization, the Board of Directors, and the Executive Committee.
3.        Represent the club or appoint a representative to NvFRW and NFRW functions, except when an elected delegate is required;
4.        Appoint all standing committee chairmen except the nominating committee with the  approval of the Executive Committee;
5.        Appoint all special committees;
6.        Appoint a Parliamentarian, Chaplain, Historian, and Presidential Advisor;
7.        Be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating committee;
8.        Appoint an Auditing committee in November;
9.        Review the newsletter before publication; and
10.     Prepare a program of action after consultation with the chairs of the standing committees for presentation and approval of the Board of Directors.